Case Studies

We like to refer to our case studies portfolio as Romancing the Stone. Why?

It’s quite simple. We have a unabashed love affair with marble and natural stone…
we love seeing the richness and elegance of stone coming back to its original beauty.

  • Granite Fountain Restored

    Granite Fountain Restored

    Exposed to the elements, the fountain was slightly eroded and rough to the touch, and just plain dull and dirty...

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  • Black marble floor

    Black marble floor

    Black marble can be absolutely stunning, unless it has become dull and damaged. See what marble restoration can do. ...

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  • Marble restoration

    Marble restoration

    Want to see what a dramatic difference restoration can make? Just look at the before and after images for this...

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  • Marble floor restoration

    Marble floor restoration

    See what can be done with even the dullest, most damaged marble floor....

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  • Maupin Travertine Project

    Maupin Travertine Project

    Look at the amazing before and after on this travertine pool deck....

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  • Chipped Granite Countertop Repaired

    Chipped Granite Countertop Repaired

    A small chip can diminish the appearance of granite, but we can repair granite chips and other types of damage...

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  • Marble Floor Polished and Restored

    Marble Floor Polished and Restored

    With marble, damage can be honed and polished away, revealing the brand new surface underneath...

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  • Marble Countertop Etch Removal

    Marble Countertop Etch Removal

    Etching is a chemical reaction between an acidic substance and the calcite in stone that roughens the surface...

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  • Damaged Marble Vanity Top Restored

    Damaged Marble Vanity Top Restored

    Dull, etched marble can be restored to a beautiful, stunning polish for a fraction of the cost of replacement...

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