Calacatta Lincoln Marble Tops Protected

Client : Private residence in Greenville, SC
Info : Protecting Calacatta Lincoln marble countertops with MORE® AntiEtch™


Our client, a homeowner with a passion for luxurious aesthetics and high-end materials, recently undertook a kitchen renovation project. As part of this project, they invested in the installation of exquisite Calacatta Lincoln marble countertops. Calacatta Lincoln marble is renowned for its unparalleled beauty and elegance, characterized by a pure white to milky white background adorned with dramatic, sweeping veins that range in color from gold to brown to grey.

Challenges Faced

The introduction of Calacatta Lincoln marble countertops elevated the kitchen’s opulence, yet the inherent porous nature and calcium composition of marble make it vulnerable to staining and acid etching. The client’s desire was to relish their recently refurbished kitchen without enduring perpetual concern over the possible damage to their gorgeous marble countertops.

Client’s Solution

Seeking a solution to safeguard their investment, the client reached out to us due to our reputation as certified applicators of MORE® AntiEtch™. This state-of-the-art treatment provides an invisible protective coating for stone surfaces, guarding against both stains and acid etching. Given our expertise and experience, the client was confident that we could deliver the protection they desired for their prized Calacatta Lincoln marble countertops.

Implementation Process

1. Preparation and Protection

Our team carefully masked and shielded all countertop edges, surrounding cabinetry, sinks, and other vulnerable areas to ensure that the application process would be precise and without any inadvertent damage.

2. Surface Honing

Before applying the MORE® AntiEtch™ product, the marble countertops needed to be honed to prepare the surface for optimal adherence and efficacy.

3. Application of MORE® AntiEtch™

With the surfaces fully prepped, we carefully and evenly applied the MORE® AntiEtch™ product across the marble countertops. When wet, the product resembled a smooth, transparent sheet of glass.

4. Contaminant Inspection and UV Curing

After applying the product, a critical inspection was done to ensure that no unwanted particles or fibers were present. The next step involved the crucial curing process, during which a special UV light was employed to activate and set the protective coating in place.

5. Final Finishing

Once the treatment was successfully cured, our team proceeded to sand the marble countertops to achieve the desired finish. In this case, our client opted for a softer, honed appearance rather than a high-gloss polish.

Delighted Client

The outcome of the job exceeded the client’s expectations. Their Calacatta Lincoln marble countertops now boasted not only their original breathtaking beauty but also a 10-year warrantied, worry-free protection against stains and acid etching.


This case study illustrates how our expertise as certified applicators of MORE® AntiEtch™ allowed us to provide a solution for a client who valued both luxury and practicality. By combining technical proficiency, careful preparation, and state-of-the-art protective technology, we were able to enhance the longevity and aesthetic appeal of their Calacatta Lincoln marble countertops, giving them the peace of mind they sought in their newly renovated kitchen.

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