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Metal Renewal and Protection

N-Motion can restore a beautiful finish and protect stainless steel, aluminum, brass, quality copper and other non-ferrous metals from the damaging effects of chemical exposure, acid rain, salt spray and UV radiation.

Architectural Metals

Since the early 1900s architectural metal has been an ornamental building material for adding a sense of wealth and success. Architectural metal can be found in many commercial buildings, such as, hotels, banks, universities, and offices, as well as high-end residential properties. Our skilled technicians can achieve impressive results with copper, bronze, and brass.

If your architectural metal surfaces have become diminished with dullness, scratching, and other signs of wear, the experts at N-Motion can refinish them, dramatically improving the appearance of the finish. 

Architectural metal restoration
stair rail stainless steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, primarily found in commercial properties and restaurant kitchens, and occasionally, residential kitchens, is composed of chromium and nickel. This durable material is popular for its resistance to staining, rust, and heat damage. Evidence of wear from regular use will eventually become apparent over the course of time. Scratches, scuffs, dirt, stains, rust, vandalism, and corrosion can all diminish the appearance and cleanliness of stainless steel.

Our team of highly skilled and dedicated metal artisans possesses the expertise to meticulously refinish, refurbish, and restore a wide array of stainless-steel surfaces and appliances, bringing them back to a state that rivals their original, pristine condition.

Regardless of whether your stainless steel showcases a sleek brushed texture or a crisp mirrored finish, our extensively trained technicians stand ready to undertake the restoration process. We can ensure that your stainless-steel items will undergo a transformation, emerging as looking impeccably clean and brilliantly bright.  You can anticipate the revival of your stainless steel’s inherent charm, as we meticulously work to erase the signs of wear and time, and present you with a refreshed aesthetic that evokes the allure of brand-new elegance.

Amazing and Lasting Protection

Protect stainless steel, aluminum, brass, quality copper and other non-ferrous metals from the damaging effects of chemical exposure, acid rain, salt spray and UV radiation.

Our metal and stainless steel renewal treatment serves a dual purpose: not only does it expertly restore the lustrous finish of these materials, but it also adds an invaluable layer of protection. By undergoing this renewal process, not only will the surfaces regain their original gleam and appeal, but they will also gain the advantage of enhanced resistance against the rigors of wear and tear, ensuring a prolonged and enduring beauty that stands the test of time. 

MicroGuard1® 3500 Metals Coating deeply penetrates stainless steel and non-ferrous metal, blocks electrolytes, and helps stop the formation of corrosion. The coating is non-yellowing and UV stable. It protects against fading, fingerprints, staining, graffiti, tarnishing and corrosion, repels oil, dirt, and moisture, and makes the surface a breeze to clean without the use of harsh chemicals, reducing maintenance costs and labor. 

Image shows stainless steel door handles that had become badly damaged with oxidation. The handle on the right shows the ‘after.’

metal door handles renewed and protected

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