Grout Color Sealing

Professional Grout Color Sealing Service | Atlanta

What’s between your tiles? Ideally, just grout. However, in the real world, bacteria, dirty mop water, and the like fill the tiny holes in your grout with gunk. N-Motion Stone and Tile Restoration provides intensive, professional tile and grout cleaning services that leave your floors sanitized and looking as good as new. To maintain that like-new look, we recommend you also utilize our grout sealing service.

Grout Sealing

Do spills on your tile and grout floor immediately become absorbed into the grout? If so, your grout needs to be sealed.

Grout sealing buys you a little more time to wipe up spills before they can penetrate the grout and become stains and helps your regular cleaning routine become more productive.

Although sealing your grout is a step in the right direction, color sealing is the better option…

Grout Color Sealing

In addition to resolving a host of grout care problems, our color sealing services can lighten, darken, or change your grout to an entirely different color, giving your floor a fresh, new, uniform look.

Color sealing forms a protective barrier against dirt and stains, making your regular cleaning routine much easier. Just a quick sweep and damp mop will do the trick. Plus, color sealer is a constant-acting mildicide and fungicide, providing a cleaner, healthier, more sanitary surface.

N-Motion Complete Tile and Grout Care

The best way to ensure your tile and grout always looks great is to have it professionally serviced. At N-Motion Stone and Tile Restoration, we can instruct you on the proper care you should use in cleaning and maintaining the brand new appearance of your tile and grout floors and surfaces. Contact us online or call (678) 662-0110 today to discuss your tile and grout needs.