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Marble Restoration & Polishing Services Atlanta GA

At N-Motion, we understand that even when maintained properly, marble may become scratched, etched and lose its shine and luster. The good news is that marble floors, walls, countertops, vanity tops, showers, or other surfaces that have become dull and dingy looking or damaged in any way can be restored to like new. N-Motion can achieve this for you.

Expect the highest standard of excellence to be evident in every single job we do. N-Motion Stone and Tile Care serves the Atlanta area and can clean, repair, refinish, protect and restore your marble back to its original condition. We can restore the glass-like shine to your polished marble, or for marble with a matte / honed finish, we can refinish as needed and periodically clean and re-seal it so that it always looks showroom ready.

Our marble services include deep cleaning, honing and polishing, changing the finish, stain removal, chip and crack repair, lippage removal, sealing and protecting, and more.

Deep Cleaning

Our professional technicians use only the best and most appropriate cleaning solutions, technologies, and methods to extract dirt and grime from deep within the porous surface. Sometimes marble doesn’t need to be restored, it just needs some quality, professional attention. We can examine your floor, countertop, or other marble surface to determine the best way to give your marble the exact appearance you want.

Marble Honing and Polishing

With traffic and usage, marble gets scuffed and scratched, resulting in an overall dull, dirty-looking appearance. In addition, improper cleaning methods and other damage can diminish the elegance of marble.

Our professional technicians are trained in the most effective marble honing and polishing techniques. We begin by grinding away a very thin layer from the surface, essentially erasing almost any type of damage. From there, we polish in stages, achieving the desired look — from a soft, satin-like honed finish to a highly reflective, glossy polished finish.

Changing the Finish

Perhaps you have a polished marble floor, but you prefer the softer, more subdued patina of a honed finish, or your countertops are honed marble, but you would rather them have the elegant, reflective qualities of a polished finish. N-Motion can change the finish of your marble. We can adjust the level of polish, giving your marble the custom appearance you have in mind.

Marble Stain Removal

Some stains can be removed from marble with the appropriate do-it-yourself methods. We gladly provide stain removal information in our free, downloadable Care Guide and in our tips and articles, or you may contact us with specific questions. However, many stains require professional attention, and improper stain removal methods can cause further damage. If your marble floors, countertops, vanity tops, showers, or other surfaces are stained, we can help. Our highly skilled technicians receive ongoing training in the latest, most effective stain removal methods.

Chip and Crack Repair

The most elegant marble surfaces quickly become not-so-elegant with even minor chips or cracks. Perhaps a heavy item was dropped or dragged on the surface. Maybe the damage just mysteriously appeared there. Regardless of how your marble was damaged, don’t panic. Don’t assume the worst — that it will cost an arm and a leg to replace your floor, countertop, or other marble surface. N-Motion uses the most tried and true solutions to virtually erase damage and restore your marble so perfectly that only you will know it was once chipped or cracked.

Lippage Removal

When we talk about lippage removal, we sometimes get blank stares. You already know what lippage is, you just might not know that you know. Have you ever stubbed your toe or caught your heel on an unevenly set tile? That’s lippage. And we can get rid of it for you. Anything more than a dime-size variation in the level of your tiles can cause a trip and fall hazard or give your floor a less-than-perfectly-level appearance. Our expert technicians can correct improper installation and resolve the problem so that your floors not only are safer, but have a sleek, uniform appearance.

Sealing and Protecting Your Marble

Once we restore your marble to its original, elegant appearance, your marble may still be susceptible to staining, depending on its location and usage. Sealing and protecting your marble improves its resistance to such damage.

So, how do you know whether your marble needs to be sealed? You can do a stone absorbency test. Don’t worry. It’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

In addition, our expert technicians can determine whether your marble needs to be sealed and use the appropriate sealer for your needs so that your marble investment is protected.

N-Motion Complete Marble Care

The best way to ensure your marble retains its beautiful shine is to have it professionally serviced every one to two years. At N-Motion Stone and Tile Restoration, we can instruct you on the proper care you should use in cleaning, and we offer a full line of stone-safe Care Products that help you maintain the brand new appearance of your marble. Contact us online or call (678) 622-0110 today to discuss your marble needs.