Etched Black Marble Floor

Client : Residence in Atlanta
Info : Restoring dull and etched marble floor to its former glory

Client Profile:

Our client reached out to N-Motion Stone and Tile Restoration seeking professional assistance to revive her marble floor, which had lost its shine and had become etched due to improper cleaning methods.

Client’s Challenge:

Our client’s marble floor had been subjected to cleaning using vinegar and water, leading to the unfortunate consequence of etching. The once-lustrous surface had become lifeless and lacked its former aesthetic appeal. She was in need of a solution to restore the marble’s original beauty and reached out to us in the hopes that her floor could be saved. We assured her that we could, in fact, restore the marble floor to like-new.


We service the marble floor with a multi-step approach that included the following key phases:

1. Surface Protection:

We prioritized the protection of surrounding work areas, ensuring that no damage would occur from water and marble slurry during the restoration process. Proper masking and safeguarding measures were put in place.

2. Diamond Honing:

To eliminate the etching damage, we performed diamond honing using a series of resin abrasives with varying grits. With each progression, the abrasives became finer, contributing to the marble’s increasing clarity and smoothness.

3. Polishing:

We aimed to restore the marble’s polished appearance by utilizing an Italian 5X polishing compound. This compound is known for its effectiveness in enhancing the shine and luster of marble surfaces.

4. Cleaning:

Post-polishing, we did a final clean with a pH neutral cleaner to meticulously clean the marble floor. This step not only removed any residue but also left the marble streak-free and vibrant, reviving its natural radiance.

5. Sealing:

To safeguard the marble and grout lines from staining, we completed the restoration by applying a penetrating sealer.


With dedication and precision, we successfully transformed our client’s dull and etched marble floor into a stunning surface that regained its former glory. The final outcome was a marble floor that exuded vibrancy, shine, and elegance.

Client Satisfaction:

Upon the completion of the restoration project, our client expressed her utmost satisfaction with the results. She was thrilled to see her marble floor transformed from a damaged, lackluster appearance to a radiant and polished surface. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail had not only addressed her challenge but exceeded her expectations.

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