Granite Fountain Restored

Client : Georgia Institute of Technology
Info : Granite fountain cleaned, honed, polished, and sealed

The Problem

The appearance of this granite fountain had deteriorated since it was installed over twenty years prior. Efflorescence build up, that chalky substance you can see in the BEFORE images, caused by constantly-circulating chlorinated water, had diminished the grand, elegant appearance of the fountain. Exposed to the elements, the fountain was slightly eroded and rough to the touch, and just plain dull and dirty looking.

About the Fountain

The hardscapes and outdoor areas at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), are carefully designed to create a welcoming atmosphere, putting students, faculty, and guests at ease before they even enter a building. Natural stone architectural features, such as this granite fountain, help convey a strong “who we are” and “why choose us” message for the school. But the overall poor condition of the fountain was conveying the wrong kind of message to passersby.

Georgia Tech considered several other companies for the job, but ultimately chose N-Motion as being the stone restoration contractors uniquely qualified to perform the restoration.

How We Resolved the Problem

The decades of efflorescence build-up presented a unique challenge, and removing it required extensive granite honing. This aspect alone took the majority of the three days spent on the job. We honed and polished the granite, and then cleaned it with a neutral, stone-safe cleaner.

To protect the newly restored stone, we applied granite sealer, generously reapplying in areas highly exposed to a constant flow of water to inhibit the reformation of efflorescence.

Today, as people pass the fountain, they can once again enjoy not only the calming flow of water, but the elegant and soothing granite backdrop, beautifully polished and restored.

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