Stain Removal and Etch Protection

Client : Homeowners in Alpharetta, Georgia
Info : Marble backsplash stain removal and countertop etch protection

Marble Backsplash Stained and Countertops Vulnerable to Etching

The marble backsplash in a high-end home in Alpharetta, Georgia had an oil-based silicone stain. The homeowners called us to remove the stain. They also asked about etch protection treatment for their countertops. They wanted us to restore the elegant appearance of their kitchen and help them keep it looking great for years to come.

Our Marble Services Plan

We discussed a plan of action to achieve exactly what the customers wanted, including a poultice stain removal and protective treatment. MORE™ Anti-Etch™ is a durable, attractive coating that puts a barrier between your stone and acidic substances. It eliminates the need for sealing the stone. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in applying this protective treatment.

We explained that we could achieve whatever final finish they wanted, from a soft honed to a glossy, high-polish finish. The homeowners decided on a honed finish.

Our Marble Stain Removal and Etch Protection Process

Our first step was to apply a poultice, that is, a paste made of an absorbent medium and a liquid solvent, to the stained portions of the backsplash. As the poultice dried, it drew the stain out of the stone. We then removed the poultice and honed the stone to prepare it for the protective treatment.

Our next step was to apply the MORE™ Anti-Etch™. After we applied the coating, we used a UV light to cure it. We carefully inspected the tops to be sure the coating had properly adhered and then gave the countertops a beautiful, velvety honed finish.

The homeowners were very pleased with the outcome and excited about the fact that they could use their tops as needed with little worry about damaging the finish. To learn more, visit our Marble Services page and our MORE™ AntiEtch™ page.

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