Marble Foyer Restoration

Client : Residence in Atlanta
Info : Very dull marble floor restored to like new

Marble Floor Restoration: Transforming Dull to Stunning

The marble floor in this home had endured 15 years of wear and tear, resulting in a dull, lackluster appearance. Additionally, it had lippage (uneven tiles) due to a poor installation. The homeowner considered replacement but sought our professional assistance to see if the floor’s original beauty and shine could be revived. This case study highlights the process undertaken, the challenges faced, and the remarkable transformation achieved.

Assessment and Planning

Upon evaluating the marble floor, we observed extensive dullness, scratches, and surface damage caused by foot traffic, furniture movement, and acidic spills, as well the lippage. We presented two options to allow the homeowners to choose the outcome that best suited their preferences.

The first option was to grind the floor flat to remove the lippage (uneven high spots) using metal bond diamonds, then remove the damage and restore the shine. The second option was to hone the marble using various grits of diamond abrasives to remove the etching and wear patterns from years of abuse. Due to the expense of the first option, she decided to go with option 2, traditional restoration of honing, polishing, color sealing of the grout lines and sealing of the marble.

Execution: Honing the Floor

The first step in the restoration process involved honing the marble floor. Honing is a methodical procedure that employs abrasive materials and machinery to remove scratches and eliminate the damaged layer of the marble. Our technician carefully executed this process, meticulously erasing years of wear and tear. The homeowners were impressed with the progress as the floor began to regain its lost charm.

Polishing the Floor

After honing, we proceeded to the polishing stage. Using progressively finer abrasive pads and specialized polishing compounds, our technicians diligently worked to enhance the marble’s sheen. The polishing process involved multiple iterations, each bringing the floor closer to the desired level of shine. The team paid close attention to detail, ensuring a uniform and impeccable finish.


The after image captured the dramatic difference achieved through the restoration process. The previously dull and damaged marble floor was transformed into a breathtakingly beautiful surface, exuding elegance and radiance. The homeowners were overjoyed with the outcome, as their floor now showcased a renewed vibrancy that complemented the overall aesthetics of their home. The restoration not only saved them the cost and hassle of replacing the floor but also breathed new life into their living space. The results far exceeded her expectations telling us she could not believe that it was possible to achieve those type of results. She said that her marble foyer floor had never looked that amazing not even when it was newly installed. I explained that majority of the time that we are able to enhance the look of even most newly installed floors as the marble is sometimes under polished during the manufacturing process.


The homeowners’ decision to restore their dull and damaged marble floor proved to be a wise investment. Our professional restoration team’s expertise and meticulous execution resulted in a remarkable transformation. By honing the floor to remove years of wear and tear and then polishing it to the desired level of shine, we successfully revived the floor’s original beauty. The customer was thrilled with the outcome, gaining a stunning floor that revitalized their entire home.

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