Badly Damaged Marble Shower Restored

Client : Private residence in Lawrenceville GA
Info : Badly damaged marble shower required complete restoration

Client Background and Challenge:

Our client, a well-intentioned do-it-yourselfer, embarked on a DIY project to re-grout her father-in-law’s basement shower stall. Unfortunately, she used sanded grout, which is abrasive and not suitable for marble surfaces. The abrasive nature of the grout led to severe scratches on the marble tiles, evident in the images. Furthermore, during the re-grouting process, she accidentally damaged two marble tiles on the walls, necessitating their replacement. Realizing the complexity of the task and her lack of expertise, she sought professional assistance to restore the marble shower. She engaged N-Motion Stone and Tile Restoration for the project.

Evaluation and Solution:

Upon assessment, we prepared a comprehensive estimate outlining the necessary steps to restore the marble shower and assured our client she was in good hands—that all of the damage could be completely repaired and the shower would be in like-new condition when we finished.

Implementation Process:

1. Masking and Protecting:

To ensure no damage to surrounding areas like the sheet rock and shower fixtures, the work area was meticulously masked and protected.

1. Grout Removal:

Once the area was sufficiently protected, the initial step involved meticulous removal of the sanded grout between the marble tiles.

2. Diamond Honing:

We then diamond honed the marble shower walls to eliminate the scratches that marred the marble tiles’ appearance.

3. Polishing:

Following the honing process, we polished the marble tiles to a high-gloss finish. High-quality Italian marble polish was used for this purpose, which gave a rich, renewed luster to the marble surfaces.

4. Replacing the Broken Tiles:

The broken tiles were then removed and the replacement tiles were seamlessly installed.

5. Cleaning and Sealing:

Thorough cleansing of the shower stall was done using alkaline-based cleaners. This ensured the removal of any residual marble slurry and polishing compounds. A penetrating sealer was then applied to protect and seal the marble surfaces.

6. Re-Grouting and Caulking:

The shower stall was then re-grouted, this time with non-sanded grout, which is suitable for marble tiles. In addition, vertical joints where the walls met were caulked using a silicone-based caulking material, ensuring a clean and watertight finish.


The restoration processes resulted in a complete transformation of the marble shower stall. What was once severely damaged and scratched was revitalized to a state resembling its original, brand-new condition. Our client was thrilled with the final outcome, expressing amazement at how the extensive damage had been virtually erased, leaving her with a stunning marble shower that appeared untouched by previous mishaps.


This marble shower project serves as an example of the importance of proper materials and expertise when working with delicate surfaces like marble.


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