N-Motion Stone & Tile Restoration

Badly Damaged Marble Shower Restored

badly scratched marble shower

Our client, a well-intentioned do-it-yourselfer, embarked on a DIY project to re-grout her father-in-law’s basement shower stall. Unfortunately, she used sanded grout, which caused severe damage.

Calacatta Lincoln Marble Tops Protected

marble countertop after being treated with MORE Anti-etch

The client’s desire was to relish their recently refurbished kitchen without enduring perpetual concern over the possible staining and etching of their gorgeous Calacatta Lincoln marble countertops.

Granite Fountain Restored

Granite Restoration Services

Exposed to the elements, the fountain was slightly eroded and rough to the touch, and just plain dull and dirty looking

Etched Black Marble Floor

Black marble floor after being repolished

Black marble can be absolutely stunning, unless it has become dull and damaged. See what marble restoration can do.

Marble Foyer Restoration


Want to see what a dramatic difference restoration can make? Just look at the before and after images for this marble floor.